Faffcon 4 a great success

I am currently sitting at LAX waiting for the redeye home to the east coast, after a fine week of voiceover and musical comedy. Faffcon, as you may have seen mentioned on this website, is a voiceover “unconference” held at various locations around the country, in which working pro VOs meet, commiserate, and share knowledge and wisdom freely and without ego. It is not what you would expect from basically a bunch of actors, but VOs are definitely a different breed, and for a participant-driven conference, it works extremely well.

We set our own agenda based on what people either knew or wanted to know about via index cards stuck up on the wall, and from which were culled those items with the most interest or relevancy. So there was no “fluff”, everything was quite meaty, subject-wise. Sessions were held regarding the “conversational read” and other performance/interpretation-related issues, technical and equipment questions, business practices including billing/invoicing and marketing, and the general life questions of being a solo worker in today’s internet-connected world and marketplace.

The information was golden (hence the “golden nuggets” collected throughout the weekend) and can be put to use to make a definite impact on one’s voiceover career. Being held in great locations certainly does not hurt, either! The Ventura Beach location for this past weekend was idyllic, perfect for the extra-curricular get-togethers and dinners etc. It was also simply just a blast to be among folks with whom I have little in common on the surface, but tons in common as people (both within and outside VO), and many friendships have been fomented and maintained through these unconferences. You can find out more about the Faffing process (and just what the heck it means) as well as see pictures from past Faffcons at www.faffcon.com. Thanks to Amy Snively for having “The” good idea for voiceover folks and making this happen, and to Pam Tierney, the Souer family, Connie Terwilliger, Dan Friedman, and everyone else who put in tons of time and resources to make it great. See everyone in Charlotte!